Hormonal balance for mid-life women and men

Hormonal Balance

Hormonal balance is vital for midlife women and is required for optimal health and wellbeing. Typical client concerns at DR/M Integrative Health include hot flashes, low energy, and an inability to sleep through the night, weight gain, loss of sex drive and memory loss. DR/M Integrative Health takes a comprehensive approach to our clients’ health, providing guidance for all aspects of hormonal deficiency (estrogen and testosterone) to ensure proper replacement with bio-identical hormones. Hormonal imbalance for men can present as low energy, loss of sex drive, irritability, weight gain around the middle and difficulty sleeping.

Bio-Identical hormones come from natural, plant-derived compounds that have the same molecular structure as those made by the human body. Unlike synthetics, our bodies can readily recognize and metabolize them.

There are many forms of bio-identical hormones including pills, creams, gels and pellets. After discussing your health background, and your lifestyle needs, your provider will help you decide what forms of replacement will be best suited for you.

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